We were going to wait to release these features until Spring but we thought everyone needs a little sunshine!

  • We added spell checking to Letters and Emails.
  • Because of popular demand we added a “Save” button (a disc icon to the right of “Close”) in the TC record. This way you can save changes to a record without closing it. The “Close” button still Saves and Closes the record.
  • We added “Internet” as a Primary Department selection in the employee area of Dealer Customization. This feature will allow users to see Events and Appointments by Internet department as well as Sales, Parts, Service, Administrative and Body Shop in the Menu area.
  • When a manager opens an UP from the Today button, he will automatically be assigned as the manager of record for that UP. If a manager opens a record with no manager assigned to it, Traffic Cop will ask “Would you like to be set as the manager on this deal”. Additionally, if a manager creates a record, Traffic Cop will ask the same question.
  • Improvements to Automotor prevent assignments of call actions to records with no phone number as well as email actions to records lacking an email address. Similarly, lists created in Followup with a “Set Event” call action or email will skip records without phone numbers or email addresses.
  • Email templates now load much faster.
  • A “Refresh” button was added to the Net Leads tab.
  • Many improvements have been made to the FLEX integration.
  • Various stability and enhancements were made to the program.