Traffic Control CRM for Auto Dealerships

Affordable Auto Dealer CRM


Full Features – Small Price Tag

Traffic Control offers many of the features the big box CRM’s offer, but without the hefty price point. We have all of the fundamentals dealers are looking for such as lead management, finance/DMS integration, and document management but without the excessive features many dealerships do not need or use. With the big box CRM’s this means you are paying out every month for options you are not even able to take advantage of. If you are currently with a big box CRM, ask us how we can cut your monthly bill in half!


Sales CRM For Car Dealerships


Empower Your Team

Every sales rep wants to be successful – Traffic Control helps them achieve their goals. Empowering your sales team with automated lead integration and management means more time is being spent on actual customer engagement rather than data entry. During your initial setup, our support staff helps you complete your personalized business processes that fit how your individual dealership operates and get you off to a running start. With TC, you customize your lead assignment process, follow-up triggers, and give managers a clear view of the entire sales flow from their logins. Traffic Control CRM partners with several finance programs, pushing your customer record straight to F&I, including the digital documents the sales rep has already prequalified them with a single push of a button. Close sales faster and more efficiently!


Sell More Cars With Traffic Control CRM For Auto Dealers


Simply Sell More Cars

Isn’t that basically what every dealership wants? We have the formula for success! We help dealers make the customer experience as efficient as possible, reducing wait time, increasing documentation accuracy, and being able to push the customer record to your F&I program and DMS. Traffic Control makes it easy, proficient, and stream-lined for staff to not only follow-up with active customers, offer the best finance options, close the sale, file the proper paperwork, but to stay in touch with past clients long after the sale to win over repeat business. Never miss an opportunity, again!

Want to know more details about Traffic Control CRM? Request a quick no-obligation demo of our product and see how we can help you sell more cars!



Traffic Control CRM Free Demo For Car Dealerships