Year-end sales are drawing near, and Traffic Control has been updated to help your dealership capitalize on its leads with a long list of new features!  As always, refresher training is available at no additional charge.  Whether you want to train your new hires or get a one-on-one demo of our new features, feel free to reach out to our technical support department at 888-990-5288 to make an appointment.  Please update your software when you are prompted, and be on the lookout for the following changes:

  • Driver’s license scanning enhancements: the interface for DL scans has been updated, and mobile scanning has been added to our mobile app – you can now scan licenses using the camera on your mobile device and import the scans into the desktop version of TC.
  • Electronic document management enhancements: You can print, email, view, or export saved documents from the funding tab of the UP record. An address book has been added to make it quicker to email funding documents to banks that your dealership uses regularly.  Logging features allow you to see who documents were emailed to.  A new lender setup section in the Dealer Settings area allow you to choose the lenders that will appear in dropdowns, etc.  These features are available for finance and management users.
  • Duplicate customer merging, which was previously available only to administrators, is now available for managers. This feature can be accessed from the Tools menu or from the “Customer’s Other Ups” dropdown in the UP record.  Users can also merge customer records when they are being prompted that possible duplicate customers exist when entering ups.
  • Contextual help: At the top of your screen, you will notice a new “Help Topics” option that will steer you towards training resources for the specific part of the program that you are using. A grayed-out button means that no help content is available for that screen.  More content will be added in the upcoming months and will immediately become available, with no software update required.
  • DealerOn has been added to our list of integrated web site providers for vehicle inventory web links.
  • Support for mailing list imports has been added. Previously, customer imports required a phone number or email address, but we have loosened these restrictions to help dealerships follow up on mailouts from purchased mailing lists.
  • A phone log report has been added for Tell-U-Phone users. This can be accessed by managers from either the Reports menu or the Tell-U-Phone log screen.
  • When searching UPs, you can now search for the co-buyer as well as the buyer.
  • Automotor enhancements allow long-term Automotor rules (e.g., “one-year follow-up call”) to be applied to old UPs so that they kick in immediately. Behind the scenes, Automotor works more quickly and efficiently, allowing these types of changes.
  • Text messaging enhancements: you can now see a more precise timestamp when hovering your mouse over a text message, instead of just seeing dividers that show which date the message was sent or received on.
  • Better peer-to-peer synchronization of UP records: making changes to an UP will automatically refresh the data for other users who are viewing the same record. This is useful for desking scenarios, where a manager and salesperson may be using the same record.
  • Goal setting: Sales people will be prompted to set sales goals. Future releases will include more robust features for goal tracking and prospecting.
  • Additional F&I data fields have been added to support new and upcoming F&I features.
  • Various enhancements have been added to our ADAM and Auto/Mate DMS integrations.
  • Bug fixes and enhancements have been added for our RouteOne and Red Bumper integrations.
  • A bug fix has been added for applying licensing fees to certain lease deals.
  • New alerts will show managers when a car has been sold (when the result is changed to a green light)
  • Bug fixes for importing certain repair orders from AutoSoft
  • Salespeople and managers can now see counts of active/sold/dead deals for the month in the “Recent Ups” tab in their menu.
  • Various other bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Many of the features listed here were inspired by feedback from our users.  Thank you to everyone who submitted great ideas and suggestions!  As a reminder to the rest of you, you can submit customer comments from the Help menu or by calling our technical support department.

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