Dan Campos
Sales Manager
Seacoast Mazda

” We left Traffic Control for 2 months and we missed the program and the customer service. Not to mention the money we save with Traffic Control!”

Mike Naylor
General Manager
McGinley Chrysler

“Mike, our designated support specialist at Traffic Control did a great job of getting us going. We have some excited salespeople and I am sure we will sell more vehicles with Traffic Control’s help!

Jason Boothe
General Manager
Vallery Ford

“The Document Management tool in Traffic Control makes it easy to stay organized“.

Bob Gibbs
General Manager
Tom Gibbs Chevrolet

“Traffic Control CRM makes it simple to follow up with customers either before or after the sale. All the information is right in front of you and it reminds you what is important today and every day. The sales department can see what’s going on out in service, which customers are coming in tomorrow and who is here today. Managers working in the back office can keep an eye on who’s up front out of sight of their desk. You can even tell if a salesperson made a phone call to a prospect or a past customer just by the color coding of the customer’s information. It’s easy to see who is putting in the effort.”

Joey Yost
Customer Care Manager
Dave Knapp Ford

“I love that you can search by vehicle notes. If we have a customer looking for a specific vehicle we can do a quick search and find everyone with that vehicle.”

Taylor Fornear
Internet Manager
Three Rivers Chrysler

“Traffic Control makes it simple to keep up with all of our internet leads.”

Brittany Chesser
BDC Manager
Glen Sain Motors

“Traffic Control CRM has been a big help in passing our BDC Assessments.”

Carey Sneed
General Manager
Dennis Sneed Ford

I like the integration with the 3rd party leads and the ability to round robin.”

Jerame Arthur
Leach-Wilson Chevrolet Buick

“I like how Traffic Control helps me stay organized!!”

Eric Adkins
Sales Representative
Vallery Ford

“I really like how simple Traffic Control is to use. I have never used a CRM tool before, so having one that is easy to understand is a big help to me.”

Steve Mak
General Manager
Les Mak Ford

“I like how easy it is to set up actions for my sales team in the Automotor feature in Traffic Control!”