Traffic Control CRM now features e-document technology integrated with RouteOne to pull lender stipulations so F&I can prepare and submit to lenders all required deal paperwork first time for faster loan decisioning and deal funding. For most dealers, about half of all deals will require lender stipulations. Traffic Control CRM now ensures that F&I managers know what lender stips a deal will require, from proof of residency and employment to a marital separation decree and more, so clean deals are presented first time.

“F&I means more than finance and insurance, it also stands for finish it, because the dealer doesn’t get his or her money if the deal’s not done,” Hurley says. “As one dealer told me recently, ‘I’m lost in a sea of paperwork and none of it is money.’ “Enhanced Traffic Control CRM reduces the paperwork clutter and delay and turns it into more money.”

Ending that “sea of paperwork” also includes capturing We Owe’s electronically, with customer signature attached, so these promises are instantly accessible by and available to service advisors or any authorized individual to review.

Traffic Control’s new e-Doc feature creates digital deal jackets populated with:

  • Contract
  • We Owe
  • Lien release
  • Buyers Order
  • Aftermarket product purchases
  • Vehicle title
  • Drivers’ license and vehicle registrations
  • Insurance card
  • Actual Cash Value statement
  • Down payment
  • Hold check

Finally, Traffic Control CRM provides customers with digital copies of their completed deal jacket on thumb drive, via email, and coming in the future via text link to a secure microsite.

These features are for a short time a complimentary upgrade to Traffic Control CRM users. For more information, contact Mike Donaldson at or via 888-992-4588.