Autosoft Dealer Management System Traffic Control CRM

Traffic Control CRM For Auto Dealers - Demo Request

Autosoft Inc. was founded and established in 1983 in West Middlesex, PA, since then we have made a quiet, yet promising, impact in the DSP marketplace since being put under the microscope by Digital Dealer magazine in 2002. Described as the “silent” company, we have made a strong and solid reputation for honesty and ethical dealings as our customer base continues to grow.

Today, Autosoft strongly holds its standing as the third-largest DMS provider. We continue our groundbreaking technology by being one of only five General Motors (IDMS) endorsed vendors in the marketplace. Our DMS not only integrates with all domestic OEMs but also with most import OEM systems as well.

A secret to our success – and the reason dealers brag about us – is our commitment to meeting every dealer’s needs and expectations for what a dealership management system should be.

The Autosoft DMS matches and emulates the functionality and performances of the more dominate DMS providers – a basic deliverable if dealers are even to consider, much less accept this alternative. Having accomplished these objectives, we have packaged our DMS to be simpler, robust and reliable in operation.

When Digital Dealer magazine examined the Autosoft DMS in 2002, it reported that, “In fact, in our opinion, there is not another DMS system that offers a features-versus-price proposition that can even come close to that of Autosoft.”

That opinion holds true today.