RedBumper brings the most comprehensive and powerful suite of tools the auto industry has ever seen. Not only does the company deliver inventory analytics and recommendations that are groundbreaking; it does it on a smartphone centric platform the provides ultimate flexibility to its users.

RedBumper’s product offerings include the following:

1). SmartLot: Unparalleled Inventory Management System (Appraisal/Pricing/Recommendations)

2). SmartDrive: Integrated Service Drive and Sales Equity Tools

3). ConsumerLane: Beat CarMax at their own game and buy inventory directly from Consumers

4). SmartApps: The most advanced consumer apps on the market

5). SmartPrice: Unbelievable product that allows the user to set retail pricing one time…The system dynamically adjust to competitor listings!

RedBumper not only offers the most innovative tools in the market but it does so at a price that dealers can afford! It also does it with the best training and support in the industry!