This is an exciting update because it contains many dealer requested features and some really nice, user updates. The list below gives you an outline, but if you would rather watch a short video, Click here.

  • Duplicates & Record management:
    This is a multi part feature;
    First, we have made it much more difficult for the entry of a duplicate to begin with,
    And, theres a function now to merge duplicate records: Tools:Merge Customers:select field. There are several other data management features that happen in the background:
    1: When a vehicle originally sold at the dealership is traded in, the record containing the sale data is flagged as either “traded here” so no further actions are assigned to that record;
    2: If a vehicle being traded in is being traded by someone other than the original buyer, the original selling record is flagged as “traded elsewhere”.
  • Menu and Window size remember:
    Another request was to take some of the clutter out of the users “to do” list in Menu. We did it by adding a check box to exclude completed events! Easy! Another enhancement is that TC will remember the window sizes from your last session and open them in your new session in the same size.
  • Invoices:
    Here’s one for Larry at Pointe Buick, we have a setting now that allows reps to see the GM factory invoice for GM factory sales. Just click into Tools: Dealer Customization, select a rep and Check the “View Invoice” option. Nice! Larry and many dealers in the NorthEast asked for some enhancements to leasing, specifically taxation options; they are in here too!
  • Forms grouping:
    This new feature allows you to create a group of forms so that they all populate all at once. It’s a time saver for sure; Just open a record, select the forms you want to include in the group, click “Save Checked Forms as a New Group”,Name the Group and select OK. The group is now saved to your “Form Groups” area for future use.
  • Appointment Alerts:
    This feature will allow management to setup appointment alerts for the sales rep and manager of record in a customer record. You can specify an alert to happen any number of hours or days before the appointment or any number of hours after a “No Show”. The setup is in Tools:Dealer Settings: Alert tab. Watch this area as we will be adding all sorts of Alert options in the future!
  • Managers can close an open record
    This has been one of our most popular requests; a “thank you” shout out to Chad Sneed on this one! Here’s how it works; if or more likely, WHEN a rep comes to the desk and leaves the record open on their PC, YOU can now close that record and save the reps changes! No more “forcing open” of the record where data is lost! AND, no more paging “Betty, close the record”. The rep gets notified that the manager has accessed the record and saved the changes! Awesome!
  • Here’s a big one; the Funding tab!
    It’s big because it will help you get paid, get your contract cashed and your cash flowing!! How? you can now scan documents, bank stipulations such as paycheck copies, proof of residence or statements directly into the Traffic Control record. Get your contract cashed right away; no more rummaging around in the deal jacket for a poorly copied, or worse, a missing document…. all the while you have a contract you can’t cash! Bad. We thought of everything; you can email the documents right out of the TC funding tab. AND, if you are a RouteOne customer, the stip request populates right into the record too! BUT Wait; theres more! There’s also a report you can run showing requested stips with missing documents.
  • Email merge
    Another popular request was to embed an email link to your website for the vehicle a customer is interested in. You got it! Just check the merge field and the link to the vehicle on your web site is inserted.
  • Service
    Another CSI related request we have heard was to add a report for Service Satisfaction. Here’s where to find it; go to Menu:Reports, select your date range…… and here it is! This might be something a dealer principle might like to see at month end!

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