We have been busy at the Traffic Control development office. Here’s a list of the latest features and enhancements included in this release.

  • Traffic Control is proud to announce that we have completed our integration with vAuto. This integration will allow vAuto users to send trade vehicle information directly to vAuto from the Trade screen in Traffic Control.
  • Introducing interoffice messaging: Click on the “People” icon to the right of the “Today” button to see a list of the current TC users. Click on a name and you can now send them a “pop up message”. This feature will save calling or paging employees needlessly and allow for private conversations. You may have several messaging windows open at once.
  • We have enhanced our Vin Decoder though an integration with Edmunds. The system will insert an average Allowance for you at present but we plan to enhance these features with Edmunds in the near future.
  • Several enhancements have been made to “Dash”. We now have an “Audience” panel where you can see graphs representing the origin zip codes for your prospects, sales and gross profits. The other new panel, “Inventory“, shows a graphic representation of the number of vehicle types in stock v sales. It also shows your 30/90 day sales history per line in units and dollars.
  • Many behind the scenes improvements have been made including bug fixes and database performance improvements.

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