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Now dealership sales teams will scan and capture customer information instantly and conveniently by using smartphone cameras, whether on the lot, in the showroom, or on the service drive. With this upgrade, personnel engaging customers will never need to disengage from them – if only momentarily – to capture and secure personal data.

“For Traffic Control users, this integration speeds up the sales process, secures sensitive customer data in the Cloud and then auto-populates Traffic Control so that information is always readily accessible for working the deal or following up,” said Brendan Hurley, Co-Founder, Traffic Control CRM.

Acuant’s data capture and auto-fill technology provides for mobile photo-capture simplicity and speed. Its process eliminates data-entry errors and creates a secure digital record that reduces the risk of information exposure to the public. With Traffic Control’s mobile app upgraded with this technology, there is no longer the liability risk associated with paper driver’s license photocopies or scans left in copiers or scanners.

“Every second eliminated from processes that involve a customer’s decision and buying process aids in increasing sales conversion rates. Today’s customers not only value high tech and efficient processes but they demand them. Acuant also allows for a worry-free transaction; with driver’s license data securely stored, customers are free to focus on the test drive and evaluating options and not wondering who has access to their private information,” said Yossi Zekri, CEO, Acuant.

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