You know your business – we get that. All Traffic Control does is give you complete control over it. Manage your sales leads, your sales staff and more. We help you do what you already do best – we just help you do it BETTER.

For dealers, by dealers.

We know it sounds cliche’, but it really is true. We’re car dealers – so we know exactly what’s missing from the other CRMs out there. We dealt with it for years – and finally decided to put together the most comprehensive platform we could. We are more than proud to introduce TRAFFIC CONTROL. It’s made us better, and it can do the same for you, we’re sure of it.

Company History

Our origins date back to the early 90’s when the founder of Autosoft, Harry Veon encouraged Brendan Hurley to develop a CRM for Autosoft users. The product would be developed within Hurley’s dealership with a laser focus on ease of use, employee engagement, integration with the Autosoft DMS and solid CRM. David Jenurm joined the team in the mid 90’s and became the lead developer. Traffic Cop was an Autosoft product for many years until our independent company, Trafficop LLC, was formed in 2007 with Hurley and Jenurm as partners. Over the years thousands of users in hundreds of dealerships across the US have helped our development team to continually improve and innovate. Having been affectionately referred to as “The Cop” for many years, we decided to rename our product to Traffic Control to more accurately reflect our core mission: giving dealers and their employees amazing control of their stores.

Our Mission

To give dealers and their employees an easy to use program so they can control their activities while providing superior service to their customers all while enhancing dealership profitability. Traffic Control works harder than the person using it. We accomplish this by staying true to our vision: Ease of Use, Employee Activity Management, Full Functionality, and true Integration.  Traffic Control is where Passion meets productivity.

Company Vision

To consistently leverage technology to provide you with the very best tools in the industry to manage and control your dealership. We will do this by remaining true to our core values while providing our services at the lowest possible price point.

Future Plans

We will continue to add features you didn’t even know you needed but now can’t live without.  Our innovative nature keeps driving our product offerings and we intend to introduce a full dealership management system including accounting, service and parts, business analytics and ERP in the near future. Stay tuned!