Traffic Cop CRM is proud to announce in our latest update that Traffic Cop is now more compatible with Delivra.

Users no longer have to export an external .csv file, go into their browser, log into Delivra via their browser and import those users before they can send a mailing.  Now Traffic Cop conveniently takes care of all the technical import work for them! Once a user has populated a list in Traffic Cop they would like to email to, they need only to click the Delivra button and create a name for the list they are bringing in.

Delivra Import on Traffic Cop CRM

Traffic Cop & Delivra Compatibility Update

Then when the user logs into Delivra via their web browser, they can go to their Segments section and it will show the segment that Traffic Cop just imported for them.

Delivra Import List on Traffic Cop CRM

Traffic Cop’s Imported List in Delivra

Viola!  No more hassle of importing and exporting email lists, or having highly technical training to send out updates to customers.

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