According to a 2011 study by the Pew Research Center, 75% of adults send and receive text messages, and adults in the 18-24 age range send and receive an average of over 100 messages per day!  Adults who send or receive at least 21 text messages per day are more likely to prefer a text message than a phone call, and heavier text message users prefer texts by a margin of 2 to 1 over calls. Over all age ranges, over a third of your customers would prefer to be contacted by text message, and that percentage is much higher among younger customers.  Traffic Control’s text messaging feature won’t replace the phones in your dealership, but it does allow your salespeople to tailor their approach to each prospect and to contact your customers using whichever method they prefer, so that they are more comfortable with the sales process and more likely to buy!
Our market research indicates that many salespeople in TC dealerships already use their personal cell phones to send text messages to prospects, but Traffic Control’s integrated text messaging has many advantages over allowing the use of personal cell phones:

  •   Managers have full visibility of text messages sent and received using Traffic Control.
  •   If a salesperson quits or is terminated, control over the communication remains with the dealership.  Ups can be reassigned to a new salesperson, who can pick up where the last one left off.
  •   Customizable “quick text” messages allow frequently-used message text to be entered with two mouse clicks, making it easier to send messages and giving marketing staff control over what is said in messages.
  •   Traffic Control’s approach conforms to legal telemarketing requirements and automatically responds to opt-out commands such as “STOP” and “START.”  Messages sent from a personal cell phone for solicitation purposes could put your dealership at risk!
  •   Traffic Control’s text messaging includes spell check capabilities, and does away with dreaded “autocorrect errors” that can make you look unprofessional.
  •   Employees can send web links to vehicles in your inventory with a single mouse click – recipients will be redirected to your dealership’s web page.
  •   Employees can set an appointment, open the customer’s UP record, view the inventory record for the customer’s desired vehicle, or move the customer into a new vehicle, right from the text messaging screen.  All of the information they need to arrange a test drive and make the appointment is right where they need it!

To set up a live demo of our text messaging feature or to request pricing details, call our sales department at 1-888-992-4588!