Below you can check small fraction of features that we included into Traffic Control. So powerful, so easy-to-use, so exactly what you need!

sales-managerThis is a sales manager’s dream come true. You can effortlessly work the deal, print your own worksheets, buyers orders or any forms you like. One click sends all the information to F&I.

Traffic COP was designed in actual showrooms by real sales managers.

Many desking tools slow you down with layers of complexity. Traffic COP makes the mangers job easier by having everything in one place and by not overwhelming them with unneeded data entry. The program does the heavy lifting and you can work as many deals as you like on the screen at the same time.

Traffic COP even knows what sales tax to charge based on the customers zip code. They know what’s going on with every up who has visited your showroom.

The drivers license scanning tool is another great program feature. There’s nothing quite like a picture of your prospect or customer to keep them familiar in your mind.

To drive more profitability you have to dig in and mine for the gold. The problem is that with all of the other CRMs out there it’s really hard to do this. Not so with Traffic COP’s easy-to-use query functions. You can perform complicated queries by simply selecting criteria from drop down selections in the Sales and Service tabs.

If you want to reach out to all the people who bought a particular vehicle from you five years ago it can be done with three clicks of the mouse.

Similarly, service personnel can create a list of  people who had service on a particular year, make and model with an odometer reading over a certain time period. From that list Traffic COP can create a mailer.

Without a powerful Employee Activity Management system, your staff may be relying on their memory and occasional Post-It note in order to monitor their customers. They may find it difficult to stay organized or fall into bad practices. Your employees want to work and succeed! If they are not given the best tools in order to do their job well, your dealership holds the responsibility. Your employees and the overall success of your dealership deserve more.

Traffic Cop will give your staff a “to do” list, their own calendar, an appointment list, an active customer and prospect list, and if installed, an optional integrated email service. Traffic Cop is so easy to use that your employees will actually want to use it.

Your employees will be more organized, empowered, and productive. Above all, they will stay motivated! Additionally, you will be able to see every activity your staff is engaged in, resulting in your ability to make adjustments to staff or processes as necessary. No more lost sales due to employees losing focus means more growth and more profits for your dealership.

With Traffic COP’s exclusive AutoMotor feature, you can design a follow-up matrix to ensure consistent communications with your customers to keep them coming back for years to come.

Your employees will be reminded to carry out specific actions, make a call, send an email, print a letter, give a birthday greeting and follow-up actions for a specific date range.

Nobody has a better memory than Traffic COP. Ultimately, AutoMotor is a sophisticated reminder system designed to make your employees efficient at keeping your customers yours.

Traffic COP makes it simple to follow up with customers either before or after the sale, or with service customers who haven’t purchased from you yet.  All the information is right in front of you and it reminds you of what is important to do today and every day.

The sales department can see what’s going on in service, which customers are coming in tomorrow and who is here today.

Managers working in the back office can keep an eye on who’s up front out of site of their desk. You can tell if a salesperson made a phone call to a prospect or a past customer just by the color coding of the customer’s information. It’s easy to see who is putting in the effort.

With Traffic COP, you can define user rights so that particular employees have specific access to program features and specific responsibilities for following up with customers.

When assigned follow-up tasks are completed by the employee, Traffic COP records the fact so you are assured that your follow-up regimen is being accomplished.

Traffic Cop has the ability to automatically pull in leads from many internet sources, including Cars.com, Dealer.com, Edmunds, Autotrader, and other popular automotive search sites.

With one click you can see the lead source, all prospect information, and all follow up made by your staff. Traffic Cop gives you the visibility to track that prospect through right to the sale.

route-oneIf you are one of the 18,000 dealerships that already use RouteOne services for credit applications and other financial services, then you already understand why we are excited to be one of their newest integrated partners.  RouteOne works with over 1,200 finance sources to provide you the widest range of financing options for your customers, and they streamline the application process with a single point of entry that can be used to file an application with any or all of these sources.  Traffic Cop’s new integration streamlines the process even further, by sending the data that you have already entered directly into the RouteOne portal.  Because much of the information in the Traffic Cop record is populated automatically from our driver’s license scanning interface or from Internet leads, we offer the fastest way of turning leads into credit applicants, and turning applicants into car buyers!

RouteOne offers a full range of other services, including the ability to pull reports immediately from virtually any credit bureau source.  They offer a compliance dashboard that helps you to monitor and manage your dealership’s compliance, and it electronically stores documents to create an auditing trail for your dealership automatically.  You have full visibility of the process, with reports that flag potentially questionable actions and automatic notifications that warn you about adverse credit actions and other red flags.  If you are currently a RouteOne customer, contact our support department immediately to activate your Traffic Cop integration, or if you are missing the boat, check out www.routeone.com immediately to see all of the features that you are missing!

Because you are an AutoSoft DMS user, Traffic COP lives inside your DMS. You get to see your customers’ records, service appointments, service history, phone contacts, e-mail and mail correspondence history and multiple sales records.

With complete knowledge of your customers’ relationship with your dealership your employees have the power to please and the ability to maximize the potential for future business.

Traffic COP keeps your staff focused on follow-up so your customers never forget you.

Now you can submit a Traffic Cop review through drivingsales.com. Use the link below to tell us what you think about Traffic Cop; we’d love to hear from you. You will need to have an account in order to make a submission, but the process is a quick one. We appreciate you taking the time to send us your feedback. Thank you.