Traffic Control Cloud Email Solution For Auto Dealerships

Traffic Control Cloud Email

Traffic Control Cloud Email is a must for dealership Email communications, and integrates seamlessly with Traffic Control CRM. With Traffic Cloud Email, managers can monitor customer communications, view inbound and outbound messages, respond to customers if sales staff is out of the office, can be accessed via our Mobile App, is NPPI compliant for proper privacy requirements, and all emails are kept in house and in control.

  • Traffic Cloud Email is Non-Public Personal Information (NPPI) compliant – ensuring your dealership is up to regulations regarding privacy compliance for your customers and their personal information.
  • Your dealership can now keep all of your email correspondence “in house” – avoiding sales reps using their own personal emails to contact your clients. This keeps your business emails private to your organization, consistent branding/formatting, and managers can review emails at any time to review or engage with the customer directly.
  • Manage all inbound and outbound emails via the Traffic Control Manager Window, with a view of all sales staff correspondence.
  • Sales staff are offered two convenient views – one being all of their email communications via the Traffic Cloud Email window, and the second being able to view individual email threads are also available for that customer in one place from the customer record. Having all of this information at their fingertips allows for making a professional, knowledgeable, and expedient connection with each customer.
  • Never miss a deal – Sales staff never have to worry about missing a deal on their day off, because of Traffic Control Cloud Email’s intuitive design, managers can not only view email traffic, but they also have the ability to respond to the customer. No lead is left behind or leaves the customer waiting until the Sales Rep returns back to the office.
  • Auto dealerships are able to set up professional email templates for employees to use, this keeps consistent formatting in place, and assists in reinforcing your brand.
  • Traffic Cloud Email is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so there is no need to worry about backing up your valuable email correspondence data.


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Auto Dealership Cloud Email Solution for Dealers