Traffic Cloud Email fully integrates with Traffic Control and brings tremendous benefits to Traffic Control users. Managers have full visibility of all inbound and outbound emails as well as instant “read” information, access to the customer record, and the ability to “jump in” if need be.

•Monitor all outbound and inbound emails in the manager window

•Sales reps see all of the email communications with their customer in their Traffic Cloud window and in the individual customer records

•Traffic Cloud email is NPPI compliant, so you’ll have no worries about disclosing your customers’ private email information to external email senders

•Employees don’t have to worry about “missing a deal” when they are off because a manager can see their inbound emails from Traffic Control records and respond

•Dealerships can set up professional looking email templates for employees to use

•Traffic Cloud email is hosted in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, so no need to worry about backing up.