Without Traffic Control, your operation is out of control!

Our competitors brag about CRM, but they fail when it comes to managing the people who manage your customers!

Every dealer has lamented (including me): “if only my employees came to work and actually worked.” It’s not that your people don’t want to work, they are just not tasked. We give them a destination but no directions.

EAM (Employee Activity Management) is the missing link! Traffic Control gives you all the tools you will find in the competitors’ products, and one sorely absent one, and that is EAM. I am a firm believer that you can’t give someone a destination and forget to give them the directions!

With TC, your employees come to work and work! They have a task list, a personal calendar and appointment book, and a list of their current opportunities, as well as a deep view of their customers activities.

Our extraordinary Automotor ™ looks at every record in your system, and based on your criteria, assigns activities to your employees, giving them specific instructions about what to do next. Specific phone scripts or call tracks pop up on their screen. Tell-U-Phone ™ confirms all inbound and outbound calls.  Email templates with merge features delight your employees and bring prospects back. All of this happens without breaking a sweat or the bank!

Our T Cloud email service is an industry exclusive in that it is “sender centric”. This allows you to stay fully in control of all email activity in your store with unique visibility. Our texting service has the same feature. If Susan the sales rep is busy or off for the day, her customers’ emails and texts pop up in the managers view. Managers NEVER miss an opportunity because they have full visibility of all inbound and outbound emails and texts.

We do all of this and charge you less than a third of the average price of our competitors!

How? We don’t spend millions on acquisitions, trade shows, and expensive magazine glossies and then pass the costs on to you. We spend our money on development and support and save you tens of thousands per year.