We have been busy adding new features to Traffic Control so you can have a more profitable summer. Here we go:

  • Text messaging. This is an add on feature giving you another way to communicate with your customer from within TC. It allows the dealership to have a view of texting activity and assures compliance with NPPI. None of your communications with the customer are “beyond your control”. Depending on the size of your store, this feature is as little as $50.00 per month. Check out the screen shot:TC messaging
  • Dash” has been added to the main toolbar (to the right of the “Menu” icon). Click on it to see some really interesting statistics about your operation. The data represented in each “pie slice” and in each graph area is live. Click to see the underlying detail. The data updates automatically every few minutes. We will be adding more layers too as the summer heats up! For now, depending on your rights, you will see graphics illustrating your closing ratios, Web to appointment success, Sales by Sources, Current v Prior year sales and several other key metrics. There’s also an “Alerts” button. Click it to see who hasn’t sold a car in the last 3 days. Again, more to come!
  • Traffic Control mobile users (Free iPhone/iPad app at Apple App store, search for Traffic Control CRM, TCloud annual subscription required, call Sales at 888-992-1554 for details) now have awesome integration into their desktop TC. Leads you respond to in the mobile app and “Send to Desktop” show up in Menu. Appointments you make using the mobile app populate into the desktop app. Create a prospect on the mobile app and you can send that to your desktop TC too! Be sure that management has flagged you as a “TC Mobile” user in Tools:Dealer Customization:Users.
  • The “Lead Processing” tab we told you about in the last update is now fully functioning. Managers, go to Tools:Dealer Settings and select the Lead Processing tab on the right. You will now see the instructions for setting up your “Default Lead Distribution” in the left panel as well as a custom distribution for specific lead sources if you like. For example, if you prefer to have just a designated rep handle
  • We have added many behind the scenes improvements too. Of course we killed some bugs in the process and hope we didn’t create any new ones. We try to be perfect but…….
  • Last thing; we have a Summer Freebie! Go to the Apple App Store and search for “TC Dealer Dashboard”. Download it, call our support number and we will get you activated. Here you will see a basic overview of Todays Ups v Sales, MTD Ups v Sales, and when you swipe to the second page, a view of Todays Appointments v Sales v MD.

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