This update contains the following feature updates:

  • Dealerships may now set the Type and Source as mandatory entry fields. Enable this feature in Dealer Settings: General:Require Type while saving Ups:Require Source when saving Ups. These selection boxes have been added on the last row in the center section of the window.
  • The Net Leads tab in Menu has been updated to include a new column called Downloaded. This will help you establish the delay between the time the lead was logged on the TC lead server v when it was downloaded into TC by an employee.
  • You may now add a variety of attachments to emails including PDFs. Do this by going to the email tab in an Up, click on the New Email icon (top left, icon with the pencil), click the “attachments” down arrow, click “add attachment” and select the file. It will now be included in your email.
  • Provisions have been made for our upcoming optional Texting service to include selecting “texting” as the customers preferred method of contact.
  • We have included a Push Alert system to let you know when you have a new lead to download. Please Note, if you download a lead very quickly you may still get a new lead alert even though you have already downloaded it. Please ignore the alert and congratulate yourself on your speed and efficiency!

Thanks to everyone at the Ron Lewis group for all of your input on this update!