Traffic Cop is becoming Traffic Control

We have heard from many of our customers that our logo is less friendly than it should be; who wants to be watched by the cops after-all!
It’s not just a change in Logo either! You will see a whole bunch of updates in the new version of the program demonstrating our new emphasis on Control v Policing. Here’s an overview of the new features:

  • A “view invoice” button has been added to the inventory record. Throw out the cumbersome invoice book that never seems to be up to date anyhow! If a PDF of the invoice has been uploaded, click the button and you will see the invoice along with an associated text entry box to the right of the invoice. Here you can add notes which will pop up every time you open the PDF of the invoice (useful for tracking miles on a demo, or noting the dealer trade information, etc.). If a PDF of the invoice has not been uploaded, the button displays as “add invoice”. When you click it, a window will open and allow you to upload the vehicle invoice. Need help with this? Call us: 888-990-5288. Watch the video.
  • Several enhancements have been made to leasing as follows:
    1: You may now set a default value for the Acquisition fee in Tools:Dealer Settings, Charges/Defaults tab;
    2: You can choose to add the Licensing Charges to the cap cost by clicking the option in the Fees, Tax & Lic sidebar (lower left corner) and selecting the check box “in Pmt”;
    3: The default lease tax rate can be set seperatley from retail in Tools:Dealer Settings, Tax/Lic tab. The rate can also be manually changed for a specific lease in Tax Rates (click the Fees, Tax & Lic sidebar and change the rate);
    4: You may now click the selection “Add cap cost red taxes to cap” if the Lesee chooses not to pay this tax out of pocket.
  • An email signiture field has been added as a merge field in the email template area.
  • Followup has been renamed to Marketing to more accurately reflect its functions.
  • Event letters can now be sent as an email by clicking “Email” in the letter editor. Don’t forget to add an email subject line.
  • A Print icon has been added to the Appointment tab in Menu. Click on it to see a list of the appointments for the selected date range and employee(s). A summary at the bottom of the report provides totals and averages for evaluating purposes.
  • DL double sided scanning has been enabled.
  • A “Delete Secondary” button has been added to the Up.
  • The “Days to First payment” calculation now displays accurately.
  • A new Lead Processing interface has been included in Tools:Dealer Settings. This is a 2 stage programing update by design with the Interface deployed now and the implementation (stage 2) deployed in a future update. The interface is only a framework at this time. When implemented, it will allow dealers to specify;
    a: the way leads are assigned by lead source, (for example, only rep 2 and rep 5 get leads from TruCar and rep 3 and rep 8 handle leads from a secondary lead provider):
    b: whether you want to have a Round Robin, automated lead assignment scheme or manually assign leads (the current method).
    The left pane in the Lead Processing tab displays the individual lead sources while the right pane displays the list of your employees. If you select a particular source (left pane) and then select an employee or employees (right pane), only those employees will receive leads from the selected source.
  • Various background improvements have been made as well as bug fixes.