Several new features are included in this release as follows (video here):

  • Payment Roll: This feature allows you to increment either the “Cash Down” or “Trade Allowance” in order to get to a specific payment. Click the Up or Down arrow next to the “Payment” in the Roll area to change the “Payment” up or down by $10.00. The “Pad Lock” next to “Cash” is unlocked by default, so the “Cash Down” will change to reflect the amount needed to get to the payment selected. If there is a trade(s), the “Pad Lock” next to “Trade 1” or “Trade 2” can be unlocked so that the amount will change to reflect the amount needed to get to the payment selected. You may also use a combination of changes to “Cash” and/or “Trade 1” or “Trade 2“. Once you have reached a satisfactory combination, simply click the “Apply to Deal” button.
  • Link out to Dealer web site: When you select a vehicle in the Inventory module you will see a new button; “View online“. Click the button to open the dealership website to the selected vehicle in a window within Traffic Cop. Your web site provider must be selected in “Tools:Dealer Settings:Integration:Web Site Provider“. For example:, Cobalt, etc. You must also enter your Web Site URL here. Please call TC support to enable this feature.
  • Appointment tab upgrade: We have added two Filter buttons; “Shows” and “No-Shows“. Both are selected by default. These buttons act as filters so that you can select a date range and determine how many of the appointments were Shows v No-Shows for the store, a department or for and individual. You may also filter further by selecting a Traffic Light color; Green to see who Bought from the Show list, or  Yellow to see possible future sales or Red to see the lost deals.