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If you are one of the 18,000 dealerships that already use RouteOne services for credit applications and other financial services, then you already understand why we are excited to be one of their newest integrated partners.  RouteOne works with over 1,200 finance sources to provide you the widest range of financing options for your customers, and they streamline the application process with a single point of entry that can be used to file an application with any or all of these sources.  Traffic Cop’s new integration streamlines the process even further, by sending the data that you have already entered directly into the RouteOne portal.  Because much of the information in the Traffic Cop record is populated automatically from our driver’s license scanning interface or from Internet leads, we offer the fastest way of turning leads into credit applicants, and turning applicants into car buyers!

RouteOne offers a full range of other services, including the ability to pull reports immediately from virtually any credit bureau source.  They offer a compliance dashboard that helps you to monitor and manage your dealership’s compliance, and it electronically stores documents to create an auditing trail for your dealership automatically.  You have full visibility of the process, with reports that flag potentially questionable actions and automatic notifications that warn you about adverse credit actions and other red flags.  If you are currently a RouteOne customer, contact our support department immediately to activate your Traffic Cop integration, or if you are missing the boat, check out immediately to see all of the features that you are missing!