This update contains enhancements to several areas in the program as well as some exciting new features:

  • Automotor now gives you the option of selectively assigning actions to users based on the record type. For example, you might not want to have the same followup regimen for “Internet” type record as “Walkins”. There are extra check boxes accessible when you pull the slide bar to the right. Check/uncheck to include or exclude the action for the different record type.
  • The Menu Appointment tab now features the Green Yellow and Red traffic lights in the top area. This feature allows users to filter the appointment list to see how many appointments you sold, are still viable or were lost.
  • Deal Tab improvements include the ability to see your Finance Reserve income by hovering the mouse over any grid cell; a default % of  reserve to be retained can be set in Dealer Settings General. Trade ACV, Allowance and Payoff numbers can now be edited in the Deal screen (no need to go back to the Trade tab).
  • FLEX integration improvements: Bi-directional integration has been enabled, records now lock when the status in FLEX is changed to Delivered; Vehicle Status gets flagged as “Delivered”; FLEX updates the record in Traffic Cop when the TC user open a record; Back end items sold in the F&I office populate into the Traffic Cop “Back Adds”.
  • Records not created in Traffic Cop can now be imported from FLEX. Management users, click on File: New Up from FLEX and select record. Use this function when you sell a vehicle in the FLEX inventory not present in Traffic Cop (fresh trade in, dealer trade, unwind, etc.)
  • New Inventory Management tool!! to launch; Click on Tools:DMS Inventory Interface. A new window will open showing various statistics and counts of your vehicle inventory lines. New vehicle counts by line and age display in the upper left of the screen. Used vehicle counts by age and by ACV are displayed in the upper right panel. Click on any line and a small window opens with a list of the vehicles. Close the window to review another line. The lower left portion of the screen displays New and Used Floorplan information. The lower right portion of the screen displays Floorplan Exceptions (vehicles in stock not floored and floorplan balances for sold vehicles) information by vehicle. Each column can be sorted by clicking on the header.
  • Various stability improvements were made.