Traffic Cop CRM Receives Certification for Phase 2 of Chrysler’s Showroom Initiative Program from Shift Digital

Traffic Cop CRM for Autosoft   Shift Digital Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram Integration Showroom Initiative CRM

Deland, Florida:

Brendan Hurley, Traffic Op LLC’s managing partner, today announced the completion of Traffic Cop’s Shift Digital phase I and phase II third party lead certification. This certification assures dealerships that Third Party Leads who have expressed an interest in a new Chrysler Corporation vehicle will be eligible for any additional incentives offered by the manufacturer. Traffic Cop automatically sends lead information to Chrysler and updates the lead disposition as it changes. Any enhanced rebate information for the customer is communicated to the dealership. Chrysler’s Showroom Initiative programs may be enhanced in the future to provide additional incentives for walk in customers. Traffic Cop will also provide this enhanced integration when it becomes available.

“This is great news for all Chrysler dealers as this is an extra incentive to win back customers provided by Chrysler,” said Hurley. “This offers dealers a huge advantage over competitors – even other Chrysler dealers in nearby areas as the Chrysler offer is only good at the dealership that did not produce a sale after the customer visited the showroom,” added Hurley. Traffic Cop offers this communication server service at no additional charge for Traffic Cop dealership customers!  It is a simple, quick, easy way to pull those “be-backs” back to the showroom and close the sale.

About Traffic Cop:

Traffic Cop has a rich, 15-year history with Autosoft.  Originally marketed as an Autosoft program; Traffic Cop earned Autosoft DMS certification in early 2013 and became an independent product with a mandate from Autosoft management to continue to provide their DMS users with the only Autosoft certified CRM/ILM on the market. This independence has allowed both companies to focus on superior support and accelerated development.

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