On our July 30, 2013 Traffic Cop CRM Update – Traffic Cop has added a new feature within the program for individual “Lease Rebates” to be added under the Lease section of the Deal tab when entering in a New Up.

This new section allows lease rebates to posted accordingly and documented when working a deal. If the customer is contemplating a sale or lease, a user can essentially work two different deals with applicable rebates at the same time.  The updated numbers will populate to the left in the Deal Overview column for both Lease and Retail.


2013-7 - Lease Rebates

Lease Rebates Added To Lease Section of the Deal Tab


After entering in both the sales and lease rebates, a user can toggle back and forth between the Retail and Lease tabs to work up which deal would be the best fit for the customer’s needs – you really are working two deals at the same time!

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