Frequently Asked Questions for Traffic Cop and Receiving Third Party Leads for Dealerships:


How do I start the process of Third Party Lead integration with Traffic Cop?
Please contact Traffic Cop for initial setup by either calling 888-990-5288 or emailing

Where do the Third Party Leads need to be sent to?
You will have an individual email address that will be determined by your Store ID.  You can find your Store ID in Traffic Cop in the upper right corner.  (See image below for reference.) Leads will have to be sent to in XML/ADF format.


Traffic Cop CRM Third Party Leads – Store ID Location & Third Party Leads Email Example

What format do the Third Party Leads have to be sent to?  
Files must be sent in XML/ADF format.  Please note that if the files are not in XML/ADF format, they will not convert over in the Traffic Cop system.  All of the hosting sites are capable of sending in XML format. Be sure to have this email address added to the email address’ you already have setup for notifications.

How do I know if Third Party Leads are working?
Step 1: In Traffic Cop, simply click on the “Net Leads” tab (that will appear after setup by Traffic Cop Support is complete), and click the “Get Leads” button.

Traffic Cop CRM Third Party Leads

Traffic Cop CRM Third Party Leads – Net Leads Tab & Get Leads Button

Step 2: A new window will open within Traffic Cop that will display new lead information where you will also have the ability to assign it to a Salesperson.

Traffic Cop CRM Third Party Leads Assignment

Traffic Cop CRM Third Party Leads – Net Lead Assignment to Salesperson


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