This update includes major changes to the Inventory module. See the details in the video below:

  • The inventory module was updated to allow users to print the specific list of cars displayed in the Inventory window. For example, if a user selects AN for “All New” and then clicks “Print Inventory”, only the vehicles in the list on screen will print.
  • The “Search” bar in Inventory now has a selector for “New”,”Used”, or “All”. This would allow users to create a list of specific New or Used vehicles meeting a particular set of criteria; for example: “New”,  “2013”,  “Charger”. Again, when a user clicks “Print Inventory”, only the vehicles in the list on screen will print.
  • Management users can now right click a specific Unit in the Inventory module to access an Inventory editor window. Here they can add equipment (accessories such as DVD player, step bumpers,etc.), the retail price of the add as well as the cost. MSRP and Internet pricing can also be edited here. The “Print Addendum” function allows the user to print a custom designed addendum sticker for the specific vehicle.
  • Managers can now edit the “MSRP” as well as the “Internet” prices in Inventory.
  • Sales Users can no longer save Letters and Emails in the Followup module. Management users and ILM users still have the “Save” ability.
  • A “Cost” field was added to the Deal screen to aid managers in desking deals.
  • Front End Adds are now correctly reflected in the Gross Profit calculation. A feature was added to use the retail pricing as cost in the event a user neglects to put in a cost.
  • Custom forms can now print “Non taxable” Front End adds and subtotal them separetly on custom forms.