Red Bumper integration! Dealers with a Red Bumper agreement can now push trade information (click Start Appraisal) to Red Bumper to initiate an appraisal or import a Red Bumper appraisal (click Appraisal List and select vehicle) into a Traffic Cop UP. The setup for Red Bumper is included in the Integrations tab in Tools: Dealer Settings.

Major updates to TC interface for management users as follows (Instructional Video Below):

 New UP Screen:

Designed to give managers a full view of the customer and co-buyer information to include DL scans, Vehicle Information, Record Status, check box for Preferred Method of Contact and enhanced historic information for result and Original Sales-rep. Buyer and Co-Buyer status change check box has also been added.

 New Trade Screen:

Managers now have a comprehensive view of all Trade information in one place. This includes decoded VIN information, ACV, Allowance and full Payoff data (Bank details including account number, loan term, rate and amount, payoff date and Per Diem amount).

 New Deal Screen:

  • This totally new screen is designed to make working deals as simple as possible for the desk. All of the figures are presented in a fashion to keep managers fully focused without confusion causing screen clutter.
  • The left pane presents a dynamic overview of the figures in the deal.
  • The right side includes a payment grid, Front End adds and Rebate information. Clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right, toggles on and off the gross and buy rate information.
  • Any changes made in the right hand areas instantly update the running totals in the left panel.
  • Fees, taxes and other standard charges included in Traffic Cop Dealer Settings can be viewed or edited by clicking the selection bar under the Deal Overview in the left pane.
  • Allow for Deferred Cash Down entry with payment due dates.
  • Show totals due at inception for each category
  • The Lease tab has been totally reworked to provide for much more flexibility and a better desking experience. Users now see a breakdown of the payment components. Front adds can also be added.
  • Users can click on the magnifying glass (upper right of window) to hide/unhide gross, cost and retention rate information.
Various improvements were made to the general operation of the program as follows:
  • Users can no longer inadvertently open an Up twice causing a loss of data entered in the record in the foreground when the background record is closed and overwrites the changes.
  • When a stock number is changed while working a deal, all of the rebate and dealer cash amounts are cleared to protect against inaccurate rebate use.
  • An improved Payoff Authorization from is now included in Standard forms to print the additional information included in the updated payoff area.

Events Update

The date selected in Prospect Recent now carries over to Events.

A user can select an Action type such  as All Actions, All Letters or All Emails or any individual action and get a listing of the Completed Actions or Incomplete Actions.

Standard Form “Full Disclosure” now prints a Discount amount. If there is none entered in the deal screen the Discount label is ommitted.

Lease Module

Major improvements have been made to the Leasing functions. Users now see dynamic re-calculations as figures are changed for term, miles, money factor or any of the variables used to calculate a lease. Option check boxes have been added to allow the inclusion of “trade Inequity”, First Payment and Security Deposit in the Cap Cost. Taxes on Cap Cost Reduction are calculated to reflect a credit when there is inequity in a trade (payoff reduction). Users also have high visibility of the components comprising the lease payment.