NEW FEATURE. A “Calendar” has been added to Traffic Cop. To launch this feature click on the Calendar icon on the top tool bar next to Followup. This feature is designed to not only track your appointments with customers but also to help with your time management.

For example, if you have a customer returning for a detail next Tuesday, you can create an Appointment in your calendar with a reminder.

An Appointment tab has also been added to the Main Menu. Here you will see a listing of all of your calendar items. Clicking on an item opens your calendar to that day.

In the calendar area you can choose the type of view by Day, Week, Month or Timeline.
Double click on any day or time slot to open an appointment window. Enter the Subject, Joe Smith for example. (Hint: you should enter something unique rather than a generic item like “test drive” to improve your quick view in the calendar views). You can select a Label if you like (Important, Business, Personal, Vacation, etc.). Locations you enter will be saved for future use. If you are entering something like a day off, click on the “All day event” check box. Otherwise, you can choose a Start time and end time (the default duration is 30 minutes).

A default reminder has been set for 1 hour before the Appointment/Event is due. You may change this to whatever you like using the drop-down.

Another option allows you to “Show time as” Busy, Free, Out of Office and Tentative. In a future update, all of these time items will be visible in the Appoint view in Menu.

The text box in the middle of the Appointment entry area allows you to enter any details you may want to record.
After you have created an item in your calendar you may drag it to another day and time if you need to.
Management may enter items to select in the Catagories “Master Category List. For example: Service, Training, Meeting, Time off, Vacation, Paperwork and Completed.

Management can view any users calendar items. If you choose, you may flag an item as Private in the lower right corner so it is only visible to you.

Management also has the ability to add items to employee calendars.