NEW FEATURE: Goal setting and Sales Rep performance report. Traffic Cop now allows management to establish dealership wide percentage goals for the sales staff in the areas of; Presentation, Demo, Write Up, TO and closing.

IMPORTANT: Go to Tools in the top menu, select Dealer Settings, General and enter the target percentages for each of the areas. This data will be used in the Sales Team Traffic Type Report. The Sales Team Traffic Type report also allows management to see how effective each team member is with Internet, Telephone, Walk-In and Data Import type Ups. Furthermore, it shows managers how well each rep performs v the store goals for Presentation, Demo, Write Up, TO and closing.


  • appearance for the main TC UP screen. This was done to better align the data fields to allow for easier data entry.
  • Users can now update the mileage in TC inventory miles for the car being sold.
  • Notes can be included in the Prospect printout if Detail is selected.
  • Further enhancements were made to the Inventory module for stores with multiple sets of books.
  • VIN search was added to Inventory
  • A stock number can be manually entered in Inventory.