NEW FEATURE! INVENTORY module. Traffic Cop users can now select or search for vehicles simply by clicking the Vehicle button in an Up. The Inventory selector allows you to choose from vehicle line, body model and then stock number. Now you can also enter the current mileage on the vehicle being sold. Simply select Use in Deal when you find the right vehicle. Users may also browse inventory by clicking on the Inventory button in the tool bar. Managers can edit Internet pricing and view the Accounting tab on the right side of the Inventory screen. Changes made here are saved in accounting. In this tab, management users may also view details of ROs charged against the unit. They may also view prior sales department Ups for the vehicle.

Vehicle search features have been added in the Search tab under the Car Lines bar (lower left corner of screen). Here you can enter a stock number to view or enter specific criteria to find vehicles meeting your requirements. Selecting a vehicle from the list and clicking on Use in Deal will create an Up using that vehicle.

The Potential Trades bar gives you access to the inventory of vehicles you have attempted to trade in. This is a good place to search for a desired vehicle you may not have in stock.

Various other enhancements were included in this update as follows:

  • Added “Looking For” Year Make Model to improve trade in match up with buyers;
  • Added check boxes for Presentation and Writeup;
  • Added new Types; Data Import, Prospect and Other for Ups;
  • Enhancements to the Skate Alert feature;
  • Users can select an option to print notes on the Prospect report;
  • Added additional merge fields in Followup letters;
  • Various enhancements and bug fixes;
  • Created link to Latest Updates in Help.