Further enhancements were made to the DL scanning area. DL images can be printed now for either the primary or secondary customer in a record. The image is blown up x3.
Users are prompted to accept/reject address data when the scan differs from the TC record.
The summary tab in TC Menu now allows you to include Managers in the Summary Up information. Totals have been added to the bottom of the screen so you can compare individual performance to the dealership average.
Enhancements were made to the Search Ups area. Users can enter a First initial followed by a comma and then the first letter of the last name in the new Name/Phone/Email search area. Doing so will produce a list of all the customers whose first name begins with the specified First Initial and whose last name begins with the specified letter.
User may also search TC records for a customer with a given email address. This search feature requires the entry of a properly formatted  email address (with an “@” and a “.”).
TC now has a separate tab for Tax/License schemes as follows
Tools:Dealer Settings:Tax/Lic
The setup here matches AutoSoft FA and provides better integration between the programs. Users are advised to ensure that the settings are identical in both programs. Users should also ensure that they are not also charging for tag and license fees in the Tools:Dealer Settings:General tab.